Upgrade how your team works with G Suite. Take advantage of the same office and collaboration tools that innovative Silicon Valley companies use today. And experience how your team can work together faster and smarter. Wherever they are.

More email storage. Spend more time communicating and less time deleting individual emails to free up inbox space. G Suite has easy to understand plans that give you up to unlimited email storage.

Better office tools included. Docs for Word, Sheets for Excel, Slides for Powerpoint, and more. No need to purchase separate licenses for Microsoft Office. No need to install programs. No need to run installers. No need to worry about viruses and downloading software updates. G Suite uses better technology built for collaboration so you can immediately focus on getting things done with your team.

Less attachments means work done faster. Hate attaching and reattaching multiple versions of the same file to your emails? Labeling files as “version 8” or “Final” is confusing and eats into your teams’ invaluable time. Are people referring to this version of the file or the one emailed this morning? With G Suite, documents, spreadsheets and presentations are shared automatically. Teams can work together on the same file simultaneously. Leave comments and questions for teammates to answer. Plus, you can always go back in time to see who changed what part of the file in case you need to.

Chat better. Viber, Whatsapp and text messaging are fine for direct messages. For larger team chats, use G Suite’s Hangouts Chat. Create rooms for up to 8,000 members. Keep a history and easily search for older messages. Just like email. Conversations are threaded (grouped) so you can more easily keep track of different topics.

Superpowered meetings. Sick of traffic? Spend your team’s time more efficiently with G Suite’s Hangouts Meet. Connect with your team from anywhere. With easy-to-join video calls, you can meet face to face without the added cost of travel.

Take full advantage of G Suite with a trusted Google partner. Tasker uses G Suite, and has deployed G Suite to hundreds of people in the Philippines. We work closely with you and your team so you can maximize modern technologies without being constrained by the past.

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