Using the New Data Import

The new Data Import tool provides a better template in which users can have a simpler and easier time in populating the data. It also provides better warnings to the user so that the task of importing data is simpler than before.

To use the New Data Import tool,

1. Login to ERPNext.

2. Go to Settings. Under Data, click Import Data.

3. Click New. The Data Import page would appear.

4. Select the DocType and Import Type. In this example, Sales Order.

5. Click Save. Click the "Download Template" button. A window will appear asking to select what data will be imported. Also, a feature to select a "specific" Document is now available. You may add a Filter an only select which matches your parameters.

6. Tick the Data you would need on your Data Import.

7. Once done, click the "Export Record" on the upper right corner of the window. Take note that it will show how many records met the parameters you set of the filter.

8. Make necessary changes on the template you downloaded.

9. Once the template is ready, Click "Attach". You may also input a public google sheet link.

10. A preview of the data mapped into the columns will appear. Check the table to confirm everything is in order.

11. Click the Start Import button. If there are error, the system will display what columns needs to be correct. If successful, then it will show a preview of the imported data. You can go to the Sales Order List to check the updated document.