Using Tasks in ERPNext

Tasks are action items under Project that can be assigned to individuals.

To create Tasks, do the following:

1. Login to ERPNext, go to Projects.

2. Click Tasks.

3. The list of Tasks in a Project will be displayed. Click 'New' to create one.

4. Define the 'Subject' and fillup the necessary fields.

  • Status: You can add the status of the Project or change the same whenever needed, e.g., from 'Open' to 'Working', 'Overdue','Pending Review','Completed', or 'Cancelled'
  • Project: In case a task is added independently, you may choose to link the task to a particular Project. If the task is created from a Project, the details of the Project will get auto-imported.
  • Priority: You can choose to define the priority of the task, viz., Low, Medium, High or Urgent.
  • Issue: If the task is an actionable that arises out of an Issue, that issue can be tagged here with the Task.
  • Weight: If a particular task carries some weightage out of a project, or otherwise, the weightage can be specified here. This weightage gets calculated in the Percentage Task Completion Method by Task Weight.
  • Type: If your task can be defined under a particular Task Type, say, User Training or User Demo, you can enter the Task Type here. It can be used to filter the Tasks based on Task Types.
  • Color: Each task can be recognized with a different color. This helps in identification of the task, while creating Gantt Charts.
  • Is Group: This box can be checked to indicate that a task is a parent task, and can be further divided into multiple sub-tasks.
  • Parent Task: If a particular task is a part of a group task, the parent task can be linked to the task from this field.
  • Expected Start Date: You can enter the date on which you expect the Task to be started.
  • Expected End Date: You can enter the date on which you expect this Task to be finished.
  • Expected Time: You can enter the number of hours which you expect are going ot be spent on this task.
  • Progress: You can enter the Progress Percentage of a Task.
  • Is Milestone: This box can be checked in the cases where a particular task is a Milestone in a Project.
  • Description: You can add the description of the task here.

Dependent Tasks are tasks related/link to the task, and the former cannot be completed before the completion of the latter.

5. Click 'Save' to create the Task.