Using Kanban Board in ERPNext

A Kanban Board is a visual tool that helps you depict and arrange documents, processes or works in different stages. This board will represent the documents aligned per stage of operation of the transactions based on the Status.

This tool helps visualize the status of tasks and operations, in order to control and optimize workflow while collaborating with your team on a real time basis.

To create a Kanban Board:

  1. Login to ERPNext.
  2. Go to a Document where you want to create a Kanban Board. In this example “Tasks”.
  3. On the left part of the Task page, click the “Kanban” link and click “New Kanban Board”.

4. Enter the required information.

    • Kanban Board Name = Enter the name of the Kanban Board
    • Project (optional) = If a Project Name is selected, only items assigned to this project will appear on the board.
    • Columns Based On = select where each column on the board will be based on

5. Click Save to create the Kanban Board. The Kanban board will be created based on parameters you entered.

6. If there are additional Tasks or documents that you need to create per column, simply click on Add Task and enter the Task Subject. Once you press Enter, the Task will be created. Take note that the status will be the same as from what column you created the Task under. For example, you click Add Task on the “Working” column, then the status of the new Task will be “Working” as well.

7. To further edit the new Task created, simply click the Task Name on the board and you will be directed to the Task document.

8. If you drag the Task from a column to another column, the Task’s status will be changed depending on the status of the column you transferred it into.