• CSS code to remove SR in tables:

table th.table-sr { display: none; }

table td.table-sr { display: none; }

table, tr, th {

padding: 0!important; border-spacing: 0!important; margin:0!important;


  • Careful: Workflow states have "Allow Self Approval" in the transition rules table. Will probably need this unticked for most cases, but worth using for fringes.

  • For master Doctypes, workflow states should only be set `Doc Status` = 0 since all master doctypes are in status = 0 (no submit =1, no cancel =2 statuses)

    • Good to know: `docstatus` is a standard field in all doctypes (values being 0 = draft, 1 = submitted, 2= cancelled)

  • In order to give a user permission to Data Import a file, the user must have access permissions to DocType "File "for `read`, `write`, and `create`. Permissions needed to enable Sales Order Import for example:

    • File = read, write, import, create at perm 0

    • Sales Order = read, write, create, submit, import at perm 0

    • Data Import = read, write, create, submit at perm 0

  • Role Profiles automatically update individual user's set of roles whenever one updates the Role Profile itself

  • If a user is locked to a particular Role Profile, they cannot be assigned a different role that is not under the same Role Profile

  • Permission levels (aka "perm levels") for fields are numerical. This can be interpreted as being hierarchical levels, where a higher number would encompass or have authority over lower / smaller number levels. This is not true. Instead, one should think of perm levels simply as groupings. If the perm level of a field is 5, then only users who have perm level = 5 can access this. If the field level is 4 and the user only has perm level access 5 for that DocType, then too bad for that user.

  • If we need to mark off outstanding amounts that is smaller than 0.01 due to rounding precision settings, we can do this via Journal Entry. But note that to do this successfully and not encounter a "zero outstanding amount", the entry type should be CREDIT NOTE.