Setup Pricing Rule

In ERPNext, you can setup rules for discounts applicable to items depending on item group, customers or item. These conditions can be set by creating Pricing Rule. Item, Item Group, Customer, Supplier must be created first before setting up Pricing Rule.

  1. Login to ERPNext. Go to Accounting>Pricing Rule.

  2. Go to the Pricing Rule list and click on New.

  3. Set a title for the rule.

  4. Select what to Apply On from Item Code, Item Group, Brand, or Transaction depending on where the discount/rule will apply.

  5. Select whether you want to apply Price discount or Product discount. If you want to give free products then select the product discount.

6. For a single item, select Item Code and select the items.

7. In case you want Pricing Rule to be applied on all the items, select 'Item Group' and select All Item Group (parent Item Group).

8. Set the discount/price to be applied.

9. Click Save to create the new Pricing Rule.