Setting up Item Re-Order Level

In ERPNext, a level can be set that when an item is on a specific quantity, a trigger for Material Request will be created. This is what is called Item Re-Order Level. It is used to replenish the stock inventory of an item in your warehouse.

The following are the steps on how to setup Item Re-Order Level.

1. Login to ERPNext.

2. Go to Stock. Under Items and Pricing, click Item.

3. The Item list shall appear. Click New.

4. Fill up the necessary Item Information. Go to Auto Re Order. Fillup the required fields:

    • Check In Group - Warehouse that will be checked for the re-order level qty
    • Request For - Warehouse that will be replenished
    • Re-Order Level - Number that will trigger re-order
    • Re-Order Qty - Number / Qty of item that will be re-ordered
    • Material Request Type - Type of Material Request that will be created (Purchase, Material Transfer, etc)

5. If an item was already created an you need to update the Auto-Reorder number, simply use the Data Import function to update the items.