Sending Project Updates in ERPNext

Working different people on a Project requires regular updates from team members. By sending regular updates, users will know the status of the tasks assigned to them and immediate action may be applied in case there are tasks that are lagging behind.

In ERPNext, users can send Project updates to other users within the system.

To create a Project update:

    1. Login to ERPNext. Go to Project
    2. On the Projects section, click on Project Update.
    3. Click ‘New’ to create a new project update.
    4. On the Project update screen, enter the necessary information.
      • Project Name - Select the Project you need to send update for
      • Users - Add users who will receive the update
      • View Attachment (optional) - Tick if there are supplementary documents included in the update

5. On the Users detail screen, enter details on the Project Status.

6. Click Save to create the Draft Project Update.

7. To include Attachment on your document, click on “Attach File” found on the left part of your screen. A prompt will appear asking to upload your document.

8. Once everything is final, click Submit. A notification and email will be sent to the users you entered as recipients of the Project Update.