Scheduling Email Campaigns in ERPnext

An Email Campaign is a marketing strategy which the main goal is to get the target geographic to take an action to what the campaign is all about. Usually this is implemented to get leads. In ERPNext, companies can create campaigns and provide the schedule when it will be sent . But before that, Email Templates that will be used in the campaign must be created first.

To create an Email Campaign:

  1. Login to ERPNext
  2. Go to CRM. Under Settings, click Email Campaign.
  3. Click New to create an Email Campaign.
  4. Enter the necessary information:
    • Campaign - Select the Campaign Template you would like to use
    • Start Date - Date when the email campaign starts
    • Email Campaign For - Select whether you would like to setup the campaign for a Lead or Contact
    • Recipient - select the respective Lead or Contact for whom you want to start the Email Campaign.
    • Sender - enter the user that appears to be the sender of the emails

5. Click Save to create and schedule the Email Campaign.

6. The Status of the Email Campaign will be changed to “Scheduled”. Depending on the number of Email Templates you added on the Sales Campaign Template, it will turn to “In Progress”. Status will then change into “Completed” once all Email Templates were sent out.