Repacking Items in ERPNext

Repacking can be performed in ERPNext if an item was purchased in bulk, but must be divided in smaller quantities. For example, an item was purchased in a per case but needs to sell per piece.

To do this, a Repack Entry can be utilized.

  1. Logn to ERPNext. Go to Stock Entry.

  2. On Stock Entry Type, select Repack.

  3. On the first row, select the Source Warehouse of the item that will be repacked into smaller quantities. The item on this row should have the bulk UOM.

  4. On the second row, select the Target Warehouse the repacked items will be stored. The item on this row should have the "smaller" UOM.

5. Click Save to apply the changes.

6. Click Submit to finalize.

7. In the Stock Ledger, you'll see that the item with the "case" UOM has been deducted and the item with "Nos" UOM has been added.