Quality Inspection

Incoming or outgoing prodcuts can be marked for quality inspection In ERPNext. With the use of Quality Inspection module, you may specify number of items or the sample size to be randomly checked.

Before setting up Quality Inspection. Item and Quality Criteria must be created first.

To do this:

  1. Login to ERPNext. Go to Stock.

  2. Under Tools, click Quality Inspection.

  3. Fill up the necessary information.

  4. Click Save and Submit.

You may also add a new Inspection under Purchase Receipt / Delivery note.

  1. From a Purchase Receipt/Delivery note in the Draft stage, go the Item table's Quality Inspection field and click on Create a New Quality Inspection.

  2. Select the inspection type. Choose between: Incoming (Purchase), Outgoing (Sales), or In Process (Manufacturing).

  3. Choose the Reference document type. Select between: Purchase Receipt, Purchase Invoice, Delivery Note, Sales Invoice, or, Stock Entry.

  4. Select the Item and set the sample size which will be inspected. Note that only Items for which Inspection Criteria is enabled in the Item master will be fetched.

  5. The Quality Inspection Template set in the Item master will be fetched.

  6. Update the Inspected and Verified by fields.

  7. Add Remarks if necessary.

  8. Save and Submit.