Processing Attendance in ERPNext

In ERPNext, attendance is used to validate if an employee is present on a day. Based on company's setup, they can simply mark attendance of employees with either "Present", "Absent" or "Halfday".

There are different ways to mark the attendance of the employees.

Using Employee Attendance Tool

This is used in manually marking the attendance of a single or group of employees for a single day.

1. Login to ERPNext.

2. Go to Human Resource. Under Attendance, click Employee Attendance Tool.

3. Enter the parameters needed. Take note that only the employees that met the parameter will be displayed.

    • Date - Attendance date
    • Branch - branch employee is assigned
    • Department - department employee is assigned
    • Company - company name

4. Employees with unmarked attendance on the date specified will be displayed on the "Unmarked Attendance" section. If you need to change an attendance that was already marked, you can do it by going to the "Attendance" page.

5. Tick the employees that will be marked as "Present", "Absent" or "Half Day" and click the button to apply the attendance.

6. To check the marked attendance, simply go to "Attendance". All created logs will be displayed together with the statuses.

7. To check the summary of Monthly Attendance, simply go to "Monthly Attendance Sheet". This will list a table with marked attendance for each day.

8. Attendance sheet may be exported to Excel or PDF. Just go to Menu and click Export.