Non Regular Income and Deductions

Non Regular Income and Deductions are additional earnings or deductions that are granted or deducted from an employee on a specific payroll period only. These are not regularly occurring every payroll for all employees. Examples are special allowances, bonuses, cash advance, loans and other components that are not regularly deducted or added from an employee's payroll.

Before encoding these non regular income and deductions, make sure that the Salary Component is already added in the system.

To proceed:

1. Login to ERPNext

2. Go to Human Resource. Under Payroll, click Additional Salary.

3. Click New to create a new entry.

4. Enter the required information.

  • Employee - Select the name of the employee the additional income/deduction will be applicable
  • Salary Component - Select which type of salary/deduction
  • Amount - Enter the amount that will entered in the payroll
  • Payroll Date - Enter the payroll date the additional income/deduction will be applicable for

5. Click Save to create the document. Click Submit to finalize.

For a batch processing, you may utilize the Import Data function of ERPNext. For example, if company releases the 13th month pay to all employees, ERPNext user will just need to populate the template from Import Data to upload the Additional Salary.

1. Go to Settings > Import Data.

2. Under Import Data, Click New.

3. Select "Additional Salary" as Document Type and "Insert New Records" on the Action Type.

4. Download the template by clicking "Download Template" on the upper right part of the page.

5. Fill up the template as needed.

6. Attached the Template and click "Start Import". Result will be Success or Failed.

7. Once successful, go back to Additional Salary page to confirm if the entries were entered successfully.

Note: When doing Import Data, make sure that the Mandatory Fields were populated correctly in order to avoid failed upload.