Managing Quality Procedure

In ERPNext, you can set a Standard Operating Procedure that must be followed by the organization on different processes. The aim of implementing this procedure is to increase efficiency and the quality and output of the organization.

To create a Quality Procedure:

  1. Login to ERPNext.

  2. Go to Quality. Under Goal and Procedure, select Quality Procedure.

4. Enter a name for the Quality Procedure.

5. In the Processes table, enter Process Descriptions.

If the new Quality Procedure is a parent procedure, you can add child procedures under the Processes table. After naming each Process, simply tag the Quality Procedure linked to the Parent Quality Procedure. Just make sure that "Is Group" is enabled for the new Quality Procedure.

6. Save when done. A Quality Procedure can also be saved without entering the Process descriptions. Sometimes the Quality procedure is self explanatory or is already what it is. if the title is self explanatory.