Issuing Material Request in ERPNext

  1. Log into your ERPNext account
  2. Click on Buying
  3. Click on Material Request
  4. Click on 'New' found on the upper right hand area of the screen
  5. Enter the Required Date when you need the materials being requested
  6. Under Item Code in the item table, type in the time code of the material or item being requested. If the item code does not exist, please request your administrator or accounting user to set up the item in the system
  7. Under Quantity, enter the quantity of items being requested
  8. To add more items, you can simply press TAB on your keyboard, or click on the button. Repeat same steps to input more items into the order
  9. Enter the Purpose of your request in the Purpose field. This will help inform the purchaser understand the reason for your request so they will be able to generate a purchase order
  10. If you have additional remarks to help describe this particular material request, enter them in the Remarks box at the bottom of the form
  11. Click 'Save' or press CTRL+S to save the document. Note that this does not finalize the document yet. Instead, the sales order is still in draft status

Review the material request. If everything is in order, click on or press CTRL+S to submit and finalize the request. You are done.