Events and Calendar

  • Log into your ERPNext account
  • Go to Tools > Calendar

A. View Calendar

  • View your calendar by month, week or day

B. Add Events

  • Add an event by:

1. Click on the new button OR

2. Double click on the day and select the time duration by dragging from start time to end time

3. Enter the event details

    • Subject - Title of the event
    • Event Category
    • Event Type - Private / Public / Cancelled
    • Color - For event organization
    • All Day - Tick this if the event will go on the whole day
    • Send an email reminder - Tick this if an email notification should be sent to all participants
    • Repeat this event - Tick this if event is repetitive

4. Add participants by clicking on Add Participants > Add Contacts

5. Click on the contact to add as participant

6. Click on Save