Employee Time In and Time Out

In ERPNext, employee check in and out are needed in order to validated the attendance of an employee on a given shift. If "Auto Attendance Enabled" is ticked on a Shift Type, the system will look into the Employee Checkin and Out to compute the total working hours of an Employee.

If your biometric device is not connected with ERPNext, time in and out can be encoded using the Employee Checkin or upload using the Data Import tool.

Using Employee Checkin

1. Login to ERPNext.

2. Go to Human Resource. Under Attendance, click Employee Checkin.

3. Click New. Enter required information.

4. Click Save to apply changes. The time log is now created.

Using Data Import Tool

1. Go to Data Import. Click New.

2. Under Document Type, select Employee Checkin.

3. On Action, select Insert or Update.

4. Download the template and update as needed.

5. Upload the template and Start Import once done.

6. If successful, the checkin and checkout will be created.