Employee Separation

Employee Separation is the process in ERPNext where you terminate the employment status of an employee. This could also be when the service agreement or contract of an employee ends.

To create Employee Separation:

  1. Go to Human Resource. Under Employee Lifecycle, go to Employee Separation.

  2. Click New.

  3. Select the Employee. Once the Employee is selected, the corresponding Employee information such as Department, Designation and Employee Grade will automatically get fetched.

  4. Select the Employee Separation Template. Based on the template selected, information such as Department, Designation and Employee grade will be automatically fetched (if already mentioned in the Separation Template).

  5. Enter the Resignation Letter Date.

  6. Enter the Exit Interview Summary if available..

  7. Save and Submit.

Employee Separation Template

This lists all the activities that must be done in the Employee Separation process.

To create a new Employee Separation Template,

  1. Go to: Human Resources > Employee Lifecycle > Employee Separation Template > New.

  2. Enter the Department, Designation and Employee Grade (optional).

  3. Mention the Activities for separation. For each Activity, you can also mention the User or Role, or one of it, to whom this Activity will be assigned.

Tasks and Assignments

A project will be created once an Employee Separation is created. Within the Project, Tasks will also be created for each Activity.

You can view the created Projects and Tasks through View > Project/ Tasks.

Weights can be assigned per each activity depending on its importance in the whole Employee Separation process. These weights may be used in determining the status or progress of this process.