Document Naming Series

In ERPNext, you can set the naming convention of a document like Purchase Order, Sales Order, Invoice, Loans and etc.

This can be utilized if you are using specific reference number such as receipts and other official documents. In setting up naming series, you can define a prefix, document counter and the counter range. Succeeding documents will follow the last document no used based on the naming series convention selected.

  1. Login to ERPNext

  2. Go to Settings.

  3. Under Data, go to Naming Series.

  4. Select the transaction (Document) you would like to assign the series to.

5. On the Series list, enter the document series format

6. If you want the user to explicitly select a series instead of the default one, check the “User must always select” checkbox. There will be no default naming series if this is ticked.

7. To update the starting point of a series, by enter the series name and the starting point in the “Update Series” section.

8. Click on the Update button to save the changes.