Creating Quotations in ERPNext

In sales many customers ask for an estimated cost of products or services that they would like to purchase before actually purchasing it. Creating quotations is required for these scenarios.

In ERPNext, you can provide a quotation for the services or items that you are offering.

To create a quotation:

  1. Login to ERPNext
  2. Go to Selling.
  3. Under Sales, Click Quotation.
  4. Click ‘New’ to create a new quotation.
  5. On the Quotation header, enter the required information.
    • Customer = Name of the Customer (should be added on Customer Data)
    • Valid Til = Validity date of the Quotation
    • Order Type = Select if Sales, Maintenance or Shopping Cart
    • Address and Contact = This information will be populated if available on the Customer data.

6. Supply the item details. Note that the standard selling rate (if available) of the item you selected will be reflected.

7. Add the Taxes and Other Charges (if applicable). This way, you can identify how much tax will be added based on the item cost. Other charges like delivery and customs tax should also be included here if requested.

8. If Payment Terms are applicable, you can also define it under the Payment Terms Section. You may define how much will be due to the customer at a given duration.

9. Click Save to create a Draft of the Quotation.

10. To finalize the Quotation, click Submit.

If customer approves the Quotation, a Sales Order can be created under the same Quotation document. Simply click the "Create" button on the upper right and select Sales Order.

If customer declines the Quotation, you can close it or set as lost. Simply click “Set as Lost” on the upper right. You will be asked the enter a description of why Quotation was lost.