Creating Product Bundle

In ERPNext, you can list and group existing items which are bundled together and sold as a set (or bundle). This can be done by creating a Product Bundle.

As an example, if you are selling a drinks per case, it should have 6 bottles in that case.

A Product Bundle can be seen as a "Bill-of-Materials" on the Sales side.

  1. Login to ERPNext. Go to Selling.

  2. Select the Product Bundle list, click on New.

  3. Select Parent Item, create one if not already created. Make sure Maintain Stock in unchecked when creating a Parent Item.

4. You can enter a description for internal use.

5. Enter the products to be bundled in the Items table and enter their quantities.

6. Click Save to create the Product Bundle.

When making Sales transactions (Sales Invoice, Sales Order, Delivery Note) the Parent Item will be selected in the main item table.

On selection of a Parent Item in the main item table, its child items will be fetched in Packing List table of the transaction. If child item is the serialized item, you will be able to specify its Serial No. in packing List table itself. On submission of the transaction, the system will reduce the stock level of child items from warehouse specified in Packing List table.