Creating Price list in ERPNext

A Price List is a document of collection of buying or selling price of items. An item can have different prices and a Price List can be created per customer, supplier, customer group, location, zones etc. In some, they create the Standard Pricing for buying and selling and items.

In ERPNext, all the Item Prices are stored separately. Buying Price for an item is different from Selling Price and thus they're stored separately.

To create a Pricelist:

  1. Go to Stock > Price List.

  2. Click New.

  3. Enter a Price List name.

  4. Select The Country the Price List is applicable.

  5. Tick if Buying or Selling.

6. Click Save.

7. On the Upper Right, click the "Add/Edit Prices:

8. Select the Item and add the Buying/Selling amount.

9. An alterative to easier upload the item prices is to utilize the Data Import tool.

10. Once item prices are added to the price list, these can be selected when creating a Purchase Order and Sales Order.