Creating Payroll Entry

To compute the salary slips of employees within a payroll period, HR must create a payroll entry.

It allows you to compute the salary compensation of the employees in one go. But before you can proceed with the payroll entry, the following items must be set up first: employee information, salary component salary structure assignment, additional salary (if any).

To create a payroll entry:

1. Login to ERPNext.

2. Go to Human Resources. Under Payroll, select Payroll Entry.

3. Click New. Enter the required information.


    • Payroll Frequency - select whether monthly, semi-monthly, etc.
    • Posting Date - date when payroll is posted
    • Company - company name
    • Branch, Department, Designation - use to specify employees based from branch, department or designation.

Payroll Period

    • Select Payroll Period - select applicable date payroll applies (start and end date)

Accounting Dimensions

    • Project
    • Cost Center

Payment Entry

    • Payment Account
    • Bank Account

4. Click Save to apply the changes.

5. Click the "Get Employees" button on the upper right to fetch all the employees that match the criteria.

6. The Employee Details table will list all the employees the payroll will be calculated for.

7. Once the list of Employees is fetched, click on the Create Salary Slips button to generate Salary Slips.

On the header, you will see that the number of Salary Slips created will be based on the number of employees.

8. To finalize, click on Submit Salary Slip.