Creating Newsletters in ERPNext

In ERPNext, you can send Newsletters to email groups you created. Most companies who maintain CRM utilize sending out of Newsletters as a marketing strategy. It is another way of letting your subscribers know the products and services the company is offering, with the intention of getting an action from the subscriber. To send out Newsletters, you must already have created your Email Group.

To create Newsletter:

  1. Login to ERPNext
  2. Go to CRM. Under Sales Pipeline, click Newsletter.
  3. Click on “New”.
  4. On the Recipients section, add the Email Groups the Newsletter is intended to. Simply click the “Add Row” button and select the Email Group. (You can add multiple email groups).

5. Add your Newsletter’s “Subject” and “Message”. This is what you will be sending via email to your subscribers.

6. Tick the “Send Unsubscribe Link”. This will give your subscribers an option to be removed from the distribution list.

7. On the upper right part of the page, click Save.

8. You may test the Newsletter before sending it out on the Email Group. Scroll down the page and put an email address on the “Test Email Address” box. Click “Test” to send the test email.

9. If you are happy with how the Newsletter looks, click Send.