Chart of Accounts in ERPNext

1. Log into your ERPNext account

2. Click on Accounting

3. Click on Accounting Masters > Chart of Accounts

A. Creating a New Account

  1. Click on ‘New’ on the upper right hand area of the screen.

* Alternatively, you can also click on a parent account where you’d like to create the new account under. Then click on ‘Add Child

2. Enter the following:

    • Account Name
    • Account Number (if applicable)
    • Tick ‘Is Group’ if the account is a parent account

Select the appropriate Account Type (e.g. Payable for Accounts Payable)

3. Click on the newly created account and click on ‘Edit’

4. To set a default cost center, select the ‘Cost Center’

5. To change the account number, click on ‘Account Name/Number’ at the top

6. Save changes