Batch Uploading of Sales Order in ERPNext

In ERPNext, Sales Order can be created in ERPNext by Batch Uploading. This means in a single file, Sales Order can be encoded (on a template following correct format) and once uploaded, it will be added on ERPNext. This feature is helpful specially when there are backlogs of Sales Order that needs to be logged in ERPNext as well.

To Download the Template for Sales Order Batch Upload

  1. Login to ERPNext
  2. Go to Settings. Under Data, click Import Data.

3. Click "New" to create a New Data Import .

4. On the "Document Type", select Sales Order. On the "Action" box, select "Insert new Records".

5. On the upper right part of the screen, click "Download Template" to download the Sales Order template.

6. On the Download Template window, on the "Select Columns" box, choose what columns you would like to be populated. On the "File Type" box, select the file extension of the downloaded file.

7. The data fields on Sales Order will be columns in the Sales Order Template. Mandatory fields are highlighted in red. If there are other fields you would like to populate in the Sales Order, simply tick the checkbox beside the field name.

8. Once all the desired data fields are checked, click the "Download" button to generate the Sales Order Template.

Updating the Sales Order Template

1. Once the Sales Order Template has been downloaded, user may now populate its data.

2. The left part of the Sale Order Template contains the Header Values. While on the right part, contains the child table whereas items under the Sales Order are encoded. Sample of these child tables are the "Sales Order Items" section. Take note that if a Sales Order has multiple items on it, it needs to be entered on a separate row.

3. In the example above, there are 2 items on 1 Sales Order. Once this template is uploaded, these 2 items should be available on the created Sales Order. Details such as item quantity and price should also be reflected based on what was encoded on the template.

Uploading the Sales Order Template

1. Save the Sales Order Template as a CSV file.

2. Go to the Data Import page. Click on "Attach".

3. Drag and Drop from your local folder, or select the Sales Order Template file you would like to upload.

4. Click on "Upload" to attached your Sales Order Template.

5. Once your Sales Order Template file has been attached successfully, you may now import it to create Sales Orders. Click the "Start Import" button located on the upper right part of the screen.

6. The Status will change to "In Progress" while importing the data, and will be either Failed or Success once done. If Failed, check the error log at the bottom page. If Success, check your created Sales Order if details are correct.

In this example, the Sales Order was created successfully based on what was indicated on the template.