Assigning Multiple Payment Entries for one Sales Invoice

In ERPNext, you can receive multiple payments for a single invoice. This means allocating multiple payment entries to 1 Sales Invoice. This is possible as long as the payment entry still has an unallocated amount, and the Sales Invoice is not yet fully paid.

To do this:

  1. Login to ERPNext.

  2. Go to accounting. Select the Sales Invoice you want to create a Payment Entry for.

  3. On the upper right part , click Create>Payment.

4. On the Accounts section, enter the correct Debit and Credit account.

5. The Payment Entry form will appear. By default, the Paid amount will be equals to the outstanding amount. On the Paid Amount field, enter the actual payment value.

On the Payment Reference table, notice that the allocated value will be changed to the Paid Amount value.

6. Enter the Cheque references.

7. Click Save and Submit to Finalize.

Since we only allocated 5,000 on the initial payment, there should still be 6720 outstanding balance for the Sales Invoice.

To create another payment entry for the same Invoice, repeat steps mentioned above and you will notice that Outstanding Amount of the Sales Invoice has been updated.