Assigning Default Supplier to Items in ERPNext

Assigning Default Suppliers to items can help you group the items in a BOM in a single PO. This way, when you make a Purchase Order from a Material Request, all items in the BOM under the same supplier will be created in a single PO.

  1. Log into your ERPNext account
  2. Click on Stock.
  3. Under Items and Pricing, click Item.
  4. Search for the Item you need to assign a default supplier.
  5. Click on the item.
  6. Go to SALES, PURCHASE, ACCOUNTING DEFAULTS. Click on the arrow.

7. On the details screen that will appear, select the default supplier from the dropdown for this item.

8. Click Save, to apply the changes.

Alternatively, when you create a new item, you can also specify the default Supplier name.

Make sure that you are ‘Editing in Full Page’ when you are creating a new item and go to “Sales, Purchases and Accounting Details”.