Assigning Default Supplier for Material Request

  1. Log into your ERPNext account
  2. Go to an existing Work Order.
  3. Click Start, Enter the Qty that will be manufactured. (Refer to the Work Order Guide). Items that are required for production will be listed in a Stock Entry.
  4. Click the ’Create Material Request’ button on the upper right part of the screen.
  5. A material request form will appear listing all the materials required for production. Make sure that the Type is set to ‘Purchase’.

6. Enter the Required Date when you need the materials being requested

7. Under Quantity, the default will be the quantity needed in production. You can alway edit in case there will be changes in the quantity.

8. Click ‘Save’. Material Request will be saved as Draft.

9. If Everything is in order, click ‘Submit’.

10. Once the Material Request Document has been created, You can now create a PO for this. Simply click “Create” , on the upper right part of the screen click “Purchase Order or the ‘+’ on the Dashboard.

11. Identify the Default Supplier, all items in the BOM/Work Order that are under the same supplier will be grouped in a single PO.

12. Click Submit. A Purchase Order will be created listing the items assigned for that supplier. Proceed with the PO and generate PO Report as necessary.

NOTE: Status of the Material Request will be ‘Pending’ as long as PO for all materials are not yet created. Creating a PO is by Supplier, so it is advisable to assign a Default Supplier for each raw material. This way, it will consolidate all raw materials assigned to the same supplier when you create a PO through material request. (Refer to Assigning a Supplier to an Item Guide)