Adding Activity Costs

In project management, it is also important to track how much budget will be allocated and used in a certain activity. This can be monitored by defining activity costs. Activity costs are the per hour billing of an employee to a specific task.

The rate will be pulled up once you add hours in an employee’s timesheet.

To add an Activity Cost,

  1. Login to ERPNext
  2. Go to Projects. Under Time Tracking, click Activity Cost.
  3. Click New to add an Activity Cost.
  4. Enter required information
    • Activity Type - Select the name of the Activity. If Activity is not yet available, you need to define first on Activity Type.
    • Employee (optional) - specify the employee where the rate for the activity will be applicable
    • Billing Rate - Hourly rate billable to the client based from the employees logged hours for this activity
    • Costing Rate - Actual cost incurred to the company based from employees hourly rate

5. Click Save to apply the changes.

To add the Activity cost in Timesheet,

  1. Login to ERPNext
  2. Go to Projects. Under Time Tracking, click Timesheets
  3. Add or edit a timesheet for the employee.
  4. Select the correct employee name.

5. On the Timesheets section, add the Activity type and the hours to be logged to.

6. Make sure that the “Bill” option is checked to pull up the billing and costing rates.

7. Click Save to create a draft of the timesheet.

8. Click Submit to finalize.

9. In the Employee’s timesheet, once this activity has been added to the employee, the defined billing and costing rate per hour will be used as long as the Bill checkbox on the Activity details in the timesheet is checked.