Chromebook Leasing

Equip your team now without the upfront cost. So you can focus on growing your business, and not get distracted by IT overhead.

Affordable monthly plans. No long-term commitments. Lease your Chromebooks for a low monthly investment. Warranty and Chromebook support included. And the best part? No lock-up periods.

Virus-free. Less worries. Still paying for antivirus programs? Or maybe you’re not getting your antivirus updates. Why call for IT help when it’s possible to avoid all these headaches. Chromebooks have built-in virus protection. Let your teams worry less about the IT, and spend more time on getting their work done.

Helps your team stay focused. Everything is online. Your apps are online. Your business clients are online. When was the last time you used your phone without the internet? Because Chromebooks are built on the same technology as the most widely-used web browser in the world, it’s built for online. Remove the distractions of computer games, virus-prone programs and weird apps running in the background. And you remove distractions for your team.

The most secure laptop. Chromebooks are different from Windows PCs because your files are in the cloud, not on the machine. You can login to a Chromebook and all your files will be instantly accessible. So if a teammate loses their Chromebook, you can simply issue them a new one so they can get back to work. In an instant.

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