The Internet Is Like Meralco

We’ve spoken with dozens of Philippine-based companies who want to digitally transform their organizations. From going paperless to establishing better accounting controls and to ultimately achieving real time business intelligence. One of the most comprehensive ways to accomplish this is by adopting an end-to-end ERP system - Enterprise Resource Planning solution.

In 2020 and beyond, cloud-based ERP software makes the most sense. Similar to how people have embraced cloud-based apps and software like Facebook, Instagram and Google to run their personal lives more effectively, using the cloud to run one’s business is equally sensible. Filipino businesses have already embraced mobile phones, text messaging and even Viber messaging to run their teams. This only highlights how critical digital technology is already to us.

Here at Tasker, we still encounter many decision makers who are hesitant. We hear complaints like, “the internet is too slow” or “too unreliable”. While we think these concerns are valid, they are only valid up to a certain point.

If we think of internet connectivity in the same way we think about our other utilities, then shouldn’t we put the same amount of attention to ensure that we never lose it? The internet is like tap water. The internet is like electricity. Without water, electricity or the internet, how do we run our businesses?

Most importantly, do we want to save on costs on things most crucial to the business? Or do we look for cost-savings in less important areas? Cutting corners on utilities will only lead to problems down the road. From unscheduled brownouts to water problems and slow internet connections; problems will continue to pile up simply because we didn’t invest in them.

Lightweight but full-featured systems like ERPNext are the best types of ERP platforms for the Philippines. ERPNext was built with slower connections in mind. This is one good reason it has seen a lot of success in places like India, New Guinea and the Philippines.

Tasker is one of the most agile ERP vendors in the Philippines. We are experts in customizing ERPNext for your Philippine-based business. We make sure your business processes also improve in the process. It all starts with treating the internet like any other utility. If you’re ready for transformation, drop us a quick message at