Small-Sized Businesses need ERP

While it has historically been common to think that ERP systems are for larger companies, we believe this is no longer the case. In the age of cloud computing and always-on internet connectivity, having a cloud-based ERP software is more accessible than ever. Together with other cloud-based tools such as Google’s email and communications suite (G Suite), businesses of any size can now take advantage of software that can supercharge their businesses.

Enterprise software used to require large upfront investment in hardware and software. From on-premise dedicated servers to expensive long-term contracts with larger ERP providers, the idea was daunting. But that has become a thing of the past. Consider what Facebook has done for social relationships and what Google has done for knowledge research. In the same way that software has revolutionized our personal lives, business tools like ERP systems can be leveraged by organizations with just a small number of people.

But make no mistake about it, even small organizations can be faced with complexity. ERP systems like ERPNext are designed to hurdle over these complexities by providing organization and structure to business processes. From accounting to sales order and inventory management (among many other business areas), an ERP system can turn complex systems into a significant competitive advantage. In addition, cloud-based ERP systems like ERPNext allow for a significant number of out-of-the-box customizations, so organizations can retain its best practices for its industry.

ERPNext also has best practices built into it. With thousands of companies around the world using ERPNext and continuously providing invaluable insight to improve the software, ERPNext is able to bubble up the most useful features in running a business. Take for example the ability to create customized levels of user permissions. Do you want one user to only be able to create draft sales orders but not finalize them until they are approved? Easy! Do you want another user to only see reports but not submit orders? Just a few clicks and you’re done. Do you want to separate controls between your warehouse personnel who are responsible for inventory and the purchasing team who order your supplies? That’s been thought for already in ERPNext.

The best part is that there is no server installation needed install. And no additional licenses for things like Windows Server or even a new expensive computer. It works just like your favorite social media apps: all you need is internet. Even if you have multiple offices or want to work remotely, ERPNext is entirely cloud-based making it accessible wherever there’s a connection.

At Tasker, we believe that ERPNext is the best ERP in the Philippines. We’ve worked with small and medium sized companies to successfully adopt technological solutions in solving their business problems. Tasker Systems is the premier ERP software and solutions provider in the Philippines. We understand small and medium sized businesses, and focus on modern solutions to resolve business problems.